Newborn Photography

Thank you for visiting my website, my name is Tracey and my passion is photographing you with your family from birth to grand parents and every stage in-between. Capturing those first few precious weeks of a new life is one of the most wonderful experiences and privileges. There is something quite precious about a newborn baby, button nose, tiny toes which we love to capture in their images. My style of newborn photography is relaxed with more natural posing creating a collection of beautiful portraits that you will love.

Newborn Portrait Pricing

Newborn photography Session Prices

We charge a non-refundable session fee of £50 for our newborn photography session. This covers the time in the studio creative styling etc. This booking fee is required to secure your appointment in our diary. However at no time are you under any obligation to purchase a single image if you did not want to. Our digital packages start from Just £299. You are welcome to select off the a-la-cart menu to this amount or above if you would prefer. 

Bronze Package




3 hours Studio Time

Slight Airbrushing if Requested

Face to Face Ordering Session

5 Digital Images

Silver Package




3 hours Studio Time

Slight Airbrushing if Requested

Face to Face Ordering Session

10 Digital Images

Gold Package




3 hours Studio Time

Slight Airbrushing if Requested

Face to Face Ordering Session

All Digital Images on a Boxed USB

£100 Wall Art Voucher for Large or Multi Framed Pieces
this voucher includes a 10 Image Print Pack included up to 10 inches

£50 off your Next Session

Facebook Photo Collage sent to your account

with this option you add the price of the Wall Art, minus the £100 voucher


Up to 16 inches

  • Framed, Canvas, Di – £200
  • Acrylic – from £349

Up to 20 inches

  • Framed, Canvas, Di – £375
  • Acrylic – from £459

Up to 30 inches

  • Framed, Canvas, Di – £575
  • Acrylic – from £625

Up to 40 inches

  • Framed, Canvas, Di – £875
  • Acrylic – from £925

  • Multi Apertures from £500
  • Digital Bundles from £299
  • Portraiture Boxes from £650
  • Wall Collections from £599

Newborn Baby Photo Session

The Consultation

Im here to answer any of your questions and the best place to start is the consultation. What should I wear? What will happen? What do I need to bring?
By chatting before your shoot we can discuss every step and every question.
I will ask about your children and their personalities. Not only that, we get to know each other a little too.


From your first contact with me I will have discussed with you your likes and dislikes. Your home decor and colours you love. I listen to your wants and needs and produce beautiful portraits you love.

Whats the best time to book your newborn session?

Our diary is always busy so we recommend booking in early after your 20 weeks scan. Timing is crucial with newborns and we like to photograph them between 6 and 21 days old. At this age your baby will be more flexible and want to curl up in womb like poses with a greater chance of falling into a deep sleep. 

Photographing babies at this age helps to get these beautiful images. Safety is always at the forefront when photographing babies and I like the more natural posing.  We go about your session with the baby being in charge. When he/ she needs a cuddle, feed or nappy change thats exactly what we do.

Which shoot to choose? 

I offer two kinds of shoots. Choose between a Family newborn session or Newborn on their own. 

With the family portraits I like to arrange for your other children to arrive towards the end of the session.
Newborn portraits session last a few hours so in order to not have the children bored, arriving towards the end of the session works really well.

The Ordering Session

I must admit this is my favourite part. 

I love to see your reaction to your portraits. It’s an incredible experience and often a little overpowering. There are usually tears when you see you baby on screen. I will talk you through packages and products creating something tailored around you and your needs.………………………………

Safety is paramount in my studio. I will only ever use poses that are more natural and will not engage in posing that will in any way be uncomfortable for your baby. 

What to do before a newborn session?
Firstly we need to have you in the diary and best to book while you are still pregnant.

Newborn session take place within the first couple of weeks so it’s important we have your appointment mapped out for that month. Once your baby has arrived we ask you to let us know and we can give you a date and time.

What to expect during my newborn session.
When you arrive on the day of the session there is a private parking space laid out for you by the side of the front door. Once in the studio we change baby into whatever they will be wearing and ask you to feed your baby. We don’t ask for you to stop them from sleeping. Sleep promotes sleep. The last thing we want to do is disturb their routine. 

We follow your babies lead during the session and stop if he/she needs soothing, changing or feeding. Oh! and please expect your little one will make a few surprise messes during the session. It’s totally normal, don’t worry, it happens every time. I even have a change of clothes for me at the studio for this reason. I will start on the table posing then work with you in selecting one or two floor props. At the end of the session ( if you have booked in for family portraits too) is when I involve the rest of the family. Please bring with you some refreshments. 

After your session I will pop you in the diary again for your ordering appointment. This will be 1-2 weeks later and you will see a gallery of finished portraits for you to select from. Please make sure all decision makers are at the session. 

On display in the ordering room is our stunning wall products. We have a variety of products from table top to wall pieces from suppliers from around the world. 

Get In Touch

Take the first step and pop me a message and we can have a chat about the options.